In today’s dynamic environment, organizations are looking to reduce costs and focus on their business in the most optimal manner. A good air-conditioning system is indispensable for a comfortable living whether in an office building, factory, amusement facility, hotel, hospital or a social gathering. The system is required to satisfy the diversified needs of individuals sharing the same building space and with a mix of different operations.

Driven by the conviction about the huge demand and potential for Climate Control products in the Middle East, Maxell Trading LLC established itself in the UAE in August 2002. Its objective has been to play a pivotal role in the marketing of the most versatile, commercial and industrial type of Fan coil units, Air Handling Units, Cooling Towers, Humidifiers, Dehumidifiers, Ventilation Fans, Actuators, Electric Duct Heaters, Controls and Sensors. It entrenched itself in the region successfully making a tremendous difference in providing quality HVAC solutions.

Our creativity and response to the market demands have contributed and helped us to secure a place not only in the HVAC industry (Maxell Trading LLC) but also in the design and assembly of Sheet Metal products / Switchgear products – thus breathing ‘fresh air’ to yet another concern Maxell Industries LLC a production house based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Fire Hose Cabinets, Electrical Enclosures, Fire Rated Doors, Cable Trays, Trunking, Ladders, Control Panels are designed and assembled in house with the state of art equipments and standardized manufacturing systems.

Maxell Industries is managed with a high sense of responsibility, commitment and stable precipitation of accumulated know how and technical expertise.

Maxell Industries LLC is actively involved in the manufacturing of Electrical Panels and Sheet Metal products.

In the Electrical Panel Division we have been successful in the panel assemblies thereby catering to major projects in the region. The product lines include Main Distribution Board, Sub-main Distribution Board, Final Distribution Board, Auto Synchronization Panels, Capacitor banks, Changeover/ATS Panels, Socket Panels and PLC/Relay based control panels.

In the Sheet Metal Division we actively design and produce sheet metal products such as Cable trays, Trunking, Ladders and its accessories, Duct Heaters, Fire Hose Cabinets, HVAC accessories like VAV, VCD etc.

Both the units are undoubtedly equipped with state of art machineries adhering to quality & management standards.

Our commitment to quality is reinforced by the ISO certification granted to Maxell Industries.

Be it a designed air conditioning product or designing fabricated electrical panels, heaters and fire equipment products – we have been a powerful symbol signifying fulfillment and total satisfaction.

Today, we are on the journey carrying forward the vision to create new dimensions to our group and strive to become a major driver in our line of business.


  • To provide value to our customers through continuous improvement and thereby providing the society a comfortable, affordable living.
  • To carve a niche for ourselves in the industry by supply of quality products such as low noise & low height Fan Coils, AHUs, Chillers, Duct Heaters, Cooling Towers, Electrical Enclosures, Fire Hose Cabinets, Control Panels, Dehumidifiers, Humidifiers and many more.
  • To keep in pace with the latest technical developments and respond to the market needs in the most optimum manner.
  • To capitalize on the arbitrage opportunities available in the market and provide quality/timely services to our clients and benefit the economy at large.
  • To provide support and services that exceeds customer expectations.
  • To encourage feedback from customers and promote a congenial relationship between our organization and our valued customers.
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